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Advanced Placement Physics 2 Parent

Grading Procedures

Grading will be done on a percentage system with each graded assignment providing a specific number of points towards each category. A 65 % minimum average is needed to pass. Your grade will be comprised of:

  • 50% Tests
  • 20% Labs / Lab Quizzes
  • 20% Quizzes / WebAssign
  • 10% Reading Assignments / Homework / Class Assignments

AP Test
  • To have been enrolled in this course and approved to take it, I am confident that you have the ability to succeed on the AP Test if you work hard enough and stay focused throughout the year
  • Because some of you may not work to your potential because of "Senioritis" I reserve the right to not approve you to take the AP exam.
  • I will base my determination on your test grades and your score on a practice AP Test.

Everything else is grading is the same as Physics 1. Please look back at your Physics 1 procedures for details.

Semester Grades will be determined by the following system.  
22.5%    of each quarters average
10%      Final Exam Score