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<h2>General Announcements</h2>
October 6, 2014
Any students interested in receiving a college recommendation from me needs to ask me before October 19th. I am approaching the limit of recommendations I will write each year. Before you ask me to write the recommendation you should read the following link.

October 6, 2014
As recent jobs reports for our nation have been flat lined without improvement, Congress is considering increasing foreign visas to bring more STEM employees in from foreign countries. Many of the Americans unemployed are in fields not related to STEM. American is not producing enough STEM workers to satisfy the number of available jobs. Read more by Click Here.

October 6, 2014
Check out this video explaining how NASA got the rover to Mars. Click Here to watch.

August 19, 2014
If anyone finds websites that should be added to the links section of please e-mail me at


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Fecal Transplanters Fish Out Key Ingredient
10/22/2014 08:50 PM
The bacterium Clostridium scindens, a member of the gut’s microbiome, appears to ward off the hospital-acquired infection C. difficile. Christopher Intagliata reports.

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Americans' Trust in Doctors Is Falling
10/22/2014 08:11 PM
Americans' trust in the medical profession has plummeted in recent years, and lags well behind public attitudes toward doctors in many other countries, according to a new report. That lack of trust comes from how Americans' perceive doctors' motivations, said Robert Blendon, a professor of health policy and political analysis at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston and co-author of the new report. While physician leaders elsewhere in the world often take public stands on key health and medical issues, Americans perceive the medical profession as looking out for itself, not advocating for public health, he said. And a survey of people in 29 countries found the United States ranked 24th in public trust of doctors.

Ebola Guidelines for Doctors’ Offices Are Called Vague and Vary by Region
10/22/2014 07:54 PM
Often local officials and medical associations are left to develop their own policies on how doctors’ offices, walk-in clinics and blood-testing centers should handle possible Ebola cases.

Scientists Consider Repurposing Robots for Ebola
10/22/2014 07:39 PM
A problem is that mobile robots now lack the human levels of dexterity required in medicine and health care.