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December 10, 2017
Do not forget to sign up for the Physics Tree Extra Credit Assignment.
Directions can be found here.
Your Physics Carol needs to submitted online here.

December 9, 2017
To read an article on The 20 Best- and Worst-Paid College Majors Click Here

Decemeber 8, 2017
Check out this video explaining how NASA got the rover to Mars. Click Here to watch.

August 8, 2017
Add a CroomPhyics Button to your devices Home Screen
iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch Safari -
  1. In Safari on your apple mobile device, go to
  2. Tap the Share button.
  3. Tap the Add to Home Screen icon
Android Chrome -
  1. In Chrome on your android mobile device, go to
  2. Tap the menu button.
  3. Tap "Add to Homescreen".
  4. Enter a name for the shortcut.
Firefox -
  1. In Firefox on your android mobile device, go to
  2. Tap the menu button.
  3. Tap "Page options."
  4. Tap "Add to Home Screen".

August 8, 2017
If anyone finds websites that should be added to the links section of please e-mail me at


For a full list of news articles click here
Which Came First, the Proboscis or the Flower?
01/12/2018 08:35 PM
A new fossil find reveals that the sucking tongue of butterflies—or proboscis—appears to have evolved before the emergence of flowers. Christopher Intagliata reports.

--

You Live in a Strange Solar System
01/10/2018 06:30 PM
Astronomers found that other star systems tend to host similarly sized exoplanets—far different from ours. Christopher Intagliata reports.

--

Glow Sticks Help Ecologists Study Amphibians
01/09/2018 05:27 PM
Ecologists needed a way to more easily keep track of populations of amphibians, and green glow sticks lit the way.  

--

Air Force Tracks Final Frontier
01/03/2018 05:48 PM
General Jay Raymond, Commander of Air Force Space Command, talks about keeping watch over space and cyber.  

--