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Academic Physical Science Syllabus

  • Arrive on time.
    • 2 warnings; 3rd time is a detention
  • Behave in a considerate and age appropriate manner.
  • Bring your classroom materials everyday (covered book, notebook, pen/pencil, handouts, labs).
    • 2 warnings; 3rd time and after will casue a reduction in your quarter grade by 1pt each time.
  • NO disrespectful language will be tolerated!
  • Remember why you are here: TO LEARN!!

    Bring the following to every class: a 3 ring binder to take notes in and hold worksheets and labs. A calculator with scientific functions. Your book and a pen/pencil.

    Failure to bring any of the items listed above will result in a loss of points from your quarter average.

    Lavatory policy: In order to use the lavatory, you must have your agenda; the last few pages will be your passport and without it you will not be permitted to leave the room. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you need to use the lavatory, do so before or after class. Do not ask to go during class unless it is an emergency.

    Your quarter average is determined by the point system:
      total points earned
      total points possible
      x 100% = Quarter Average
    • There will be a cumulative final exam at the end of the year.

    • You will receive 1 point for every day you are present in class.

    Homework will be checked everyday that it is assigned. It will be graded and counted into your total points for the quarter. The number of points that it is worth depends on the assignment. Be sure that you do your homework; it can hurt your grade as easily as it can help your grade!

    Quizzes: Quizzes may be announced or unannounced. They will be given on any material learned previous to the day they are given. Students who have been absent have the responsibility to get any information they missed and come in prepared each day.

    Lab: Prices for broken glassware are taken from the current Flinn catalog. You are responsible to pay for equipment you break in the laboratory, even if it is an accident. Refer to the Laboratory Safety Policy for lab dress code and conduct.

      • If you come to class without sneakers for lab, you will receive a zero; this grade cannot be made up.

    Absences: In the event of your absence on the day of a test or quiz, the evaluation must be made up on the day you return. It is up to you to see me to establish a time for the make-up and to obtain a pre-signed pass from me. If you do not do this prior to class, it is expected that you will make up the missed evaluation during class.

    If you are aware that you will miss class due to an appointment, sporting event or other activity, see me prior to class to set a time for you to take the test or quiz. It is expected that you will take the evaluation on the day it is scheduled.

    A one day extension will be given only if you were absent on the day before a test and new material was presented on that day (i.e. notes were given in class that will be on the evaluation the next day). If there is a prolonged absence (2 or more days), a reasonable time extension will be given.

    Labs that were to be handed in on the day of your absence are due the day you return at the beginning of class. I will not accept labs that have already been graded and handed back.

    Cheating: Don't do it and don't give me reason to suspect you of doing it. The school policy on cheating will be strictly enforced; DO YOUR OWN WORK!!

    This applies to labs as well. Lab partners should not have the same explanations for answers to labs questions. When completing a formal lab report, each individual member of the lab group must hand in their own lab (not the same one printed out two or three times). Lab partners are designed to help one another, not COPY off each other.

    Lab safety
    ~ Goggles must be worn at all times. After one warning, points will be deducted for the lab. If there is a second occurrence, the student will be removed from lab and given a zero for the work to be completed on that day.
    ~ One warning will be given during lab for misbehavior. If there is a second occurrence, the student will be removed from lab and given a discipline referral. Gross misbehavior that can potentially cause injuries will result in immediate removal from the lab and the issuing of a discipline referral.
    ~ Prices for broken glassware are taken from the current Flinn catalog.
    Look for more class information Online at http://www.croomphysics.com

Let's have a wonderful year! If at any time you need to contact me, you may reach me by email: jcroom@npsd.org or (570) 842-7606 extension 5104


Dr. Croom

Laboratory Safety Policy

  1. Goggles are to be worn at all times.  Contact lenses should not be worn in the lab at any time.
  2. Wear shoes in the lab that protect your feet; sneakers or work boots.  "Open top" shoes or sandals are not permitted in the lab at any time.
  3. Always tie back long hair, it is a fire hazard.
  4. Wearing a lab coat is a good idea; clothing that covers most of the body provides best protection.
  5. No eating or drinking in the lab at any time.
  6. Consider all chemicals dangerous unless otherwise instructed.
  7. Never taste any chemicals.
  8. Never smell gases or vapors directly.  If you are instructed to report the odor of a chemical use the proper technique for doing so.
  9. If chemicals come in contact with your eyes or skin wash with large amounts of water and notify your instructor immediately.
  10. Know the location of the emergency shower, emergency eye wash, and fire extinguishers.
  11. Never rub your eyes, and wash your hands often with soap and water.
  12. Volatile chemicals that are irritating, poisonous, or that have an unpleasant odor will always be used under the fume hood.
  13. Never point a test tube toward yourself or anyone else- chemicals can splatter over a large area.
  14. Never use flammable chemicals near an open flame.
  15. Always add acid to water (SLOWLY) to avoid spattering.
  16. Read all procedures and safety precautions for every lab before you begin.
  17. Always maintain an orderly, professional attitude in the lab. Horseplay will result in your removal.
  18. Never work in the lab without an instructor present.
  19. If you have any doubt about what you are doing under any circumstances, ask you instructor.
  20. Always keep lab doors and drawers closed except when replacing or removing equipment.

You break it, you buy itYour teacher will provide you with replacement glassware and will notify you of the cost of the item.  It is your responsibility to pay for this item by the end of the quarter so it will not be held as an obligation.  This is not so much a money issue as it is a safety issue.  The glassware that you use is often subject to extreme conditions such as high and low temperature and/or pressure.  Any compromise in the structural integrity (ie: cracks, chips, etc...) of that glassware could result in a situation that can cause you serious harm.  Inspect your glassware thoroughly before you use it.  If you feel that it needs to be replaced notify your teacher immediately and you will not be charged!  If you accidentally break an item also notify your teacher immediately so the glass can be disposed of in the proper waste receptacle.

Students Last Name______________________________

Information Sheet

Student's Name ( First, Last, Preferred) _____________________________________________

Contact Name (First, Last, Relationship) ____________________________________________

Contact Phone Number__________________________________________________________

Contact e-mail address(parent)____________________________________________________

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  1. Do you have Internet access at home? 
    • ___  Yes  ____No

  2. Are you color blind?
    • ___  Yes  ____No

  3.  Do you have an after school job?
    • ____Yes  ____No  
    • How many hours per week?______
Record ofHome Contact
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Procedures and Rules Acknowledgment

I, ___________________________________ (student's name) have read and agree to follow all of the safety rules set forth in the laboratory safety policy and the course syllabus. I realize that I must obey these rules to insure my own safety, and that of my fellow students and instructors. I will cooperate to the fullest extent with my instructor and fellow students to maintain a safe lab and classroom environment. I will also closely follow the oral and written instructions provided by the instructor. I am aware that any violation of the safety policy and/or the syllabus that results in unsafe conduct in the laboratory or misbehavior on my part, may result in being removed from the laboratory, disciplinary referral, receiving a failing grade and/or dismissal from the course.

Student Signature Date

We feel that you should be informed regarding the school's effort to create and maintain a safe science classroom/laboratory environment. With the cooperation of the instructors, parents and students, a safety instruction program can eliminate, prevent and correct possible hazards. You should be aware of the safety instructions your son/daughter will receive before engaging in any laboratory work. Please read the course syllabus and the laboratory safety policy. No student will be permitted to perform laboratory activities unless these policies are signed by both the student and parent/guardian and are on file with the teacher.
Your signature on this contract indicated that you have read the laboratory safety policy and the course syllabus; are aware of the measures taken to insure the safety of your son/daughter in the science laboratory; and will instruct your son/daughter to uphold his/her agreement to follow these rules and procedures in the class and the laboratory.
Parent/Guardian Name (print) Signature Date

Please return the signature sheet to Dr. Croom in Room 104