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Advanced Placement Physics 1 Syllabus

Program Description:         The accelerated program of study is designed to position students to engage in challenging and enriching course content. During the junior year, assignments and difficulty will focus on college readiness. During senior year, assignments and difficulty will focus on college level content.

        Advanced Placement courses, are designed to be college level work.
Course Description:         In this course, we will explore the underlying, governing physical principles of our universe through the use of hypothesizing, observation, data gathering, and mathematical analysis.

        Key topics to be discovered and discussed are as follows: data gathering and graphical analysis, mechanics, 1- and 2-dimensional kinematics, including Newton's Laws of Motion, statics and dynamics, conservation of momentum, work and energy conservation, wave motion, sound, electrostatics, and basic circuits. This course is the first part of a 2 year Advanced Placement Physics 2 course. Students will be expected to work to their full potential.

Reference Textbooks:
All textbooks are the property of the North Pocono School District. The parent, guardian, or other person having custody of a child to whom textbooks are issued, will be liable for any loss, abuse, or damage in excess of that which would result from normal use of such textbook.

All textbooks must be returned to the issuing school when the student is promoted, transferred, or withdrawn.

Damage Fine   Damage Fine
Writing/drawing/scribbling/ torn pages     $3.00 per page
up to 100%
  Obscene writing or drawing on or in the book 100%
Excess wear/damage but still usable    up to 10%   Water damaged, not usable  100%
Cover of book damaged     up to 15%   Pages missing, not usable 100%
Spine damaged     up to 15%   Non-returned book 100%
Water damaged but still usable   up to 30%   Broken Binding up to 30%

Note: All Percentages are based on the cost of the book.

Class Rules

  • Come to class on-time, prepared to learn and stay the entire time.
    • 3 Ring Binder (Required)
    • Scientific Calculator (Required)
    • Sharpened Pencil or Pen
    • Previous Handouts, Including Lab Handouts.
    • Homework Completed
    • No Food and Drinks
    • Plan to work bell to bell
    • Do not interrupt class to go to the lav. You will be denied during the first or last 15 minutes of class
    • Get the homework that you missed from a friend or e-mail me.
    • Excessive absences will be grounds for credit denial and/or failure of the course, according to school district policy
  • Respect all people, property, and ideas
    • Other people's property (School, Personal, etc.)
    • Others opinions and work
    • Raise your hand and wait to be recognized
    • Do not criticize
    • Do not touch others
    • No sleeping
    • No talking while others are talking
    • No bodily noises
    • No cheating or plagiarizing (Automatic Zero)
    • No talking while others are taking a tests, quizzes, or other assessment
    • Cleanup after yourself
    • Sit in your assigned seat
    • Turn off all electronic devices.

  • Do your very best!
  • Follow any school rules not addressed here but found in the student handbook including but not limited to:
  • Consequences

    30 seconds after class
    Notify parents
    Request Conference
    Since this is a laboratory class, fooling around in the laboratory will not be tolerated. Any student who fools around in the lab will be removed from the lab, receive a failing grade on the current assignment and will receive an appropriate consequence. Students must follow the lab rules listed as lab safety rules.

    Class Procedures

    Grading Procedures

    Grading will be done on a percentage system with each graded assignment providing a specific number of points towards each category. A 65 % minimum average is needed to pass. Your grade will be comprised of:
    Assignments may include: Tests (about every 15 school days) (3 days max to make it up before it becomes a zero! This is your responsibility)

  • All tests must be completed in the time provided. No extra time will be given unless previous permission has been granted.
  • If you are absent the day before a test and new information is presented for the test you are given 1 day to make up the test. If you are absent the day before a test and no new information is presented you are still required to take the test.
  • At the time of the test you should hand in any problems you completed on your own previous to the test. They should labeled with their assignment name and number. This will be graded for a homework grade.

  • Formal Labs Must be typed and must follow lab report format outlined below.
    Reading Assignments
    Spot,Homework, and Announced Quizzes
    Homework / WebAssign
    Example of a full credit homework problem:

    Problem:          A car goes from 5m/s to 25m/s in 3s,
                            what is the acceleration of the car?

    example problem
    Class Participation
    Extra Credit
    Research Paper
    Final Exam