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Academic Physics Parent

Class Rules

  • Come to class on-time, prepared to learn and stay the entire time.
    • 3 Ring Binder (Required)
    • Scientific Calculator (Required)
    • Sharpened Pencil or Pen
    • Previous Handouts, Including Lab Handouts.
    • Homework Completed
    • No Food and Drinks
    • Plan to work bell to bell
    • Do not interrupt class to go to the lav. You will be denied during the first or last 15 minutes of class
    • Get the homework that you missed from a friend or e-mail me.
    • Excessive absences will be grounds for credit denial and/or failure of the course, according to school district policy
  • Respect all people, property, and ideas
    • Other people's property (School, Personal, etc.)
    • Others opinions and work
    • Raise your hand and wait to be recognized
    • Do not criticize
    • Do not touch others
    • No sleeping
    • No talking while others are talking
    • No bodily noises
    • No cheating or plagiarizing (Automatic Zero)
    • No talking while others are taking a tests, quizzes, or other assessment
    • Cleanup after yourself
    • Sit in your assigned seat
    • Turn off all electronic devices.

  • Do your very best!
  • Follow any school rules not addressed here but found in the student handbook including but not limited to:
  • Consequences

    30 seconds after class
    Notify parents
    Request Conference
    • If an action is severe enough, higher consequences can be taken. The consequences will last an entire quarter and you will regain a clean slate on first day of the following quarter.
    Since this is a laboratory class, fooling around in the laboratory will not be tolerated. Any student who fools around in the lab will be removed from the lab, receive a failing grade on the current assignment and will receive an appropriate consequence. Students must follow the lab rules listed as lab safety rules.

    Class Procedures
    • Classes will normally start with a period for students to ask questions. It is important that students arrive in class prepared to ask any questions they have about their homework, readings, or the previous day's class. If a student is nervous about asking the question, that may slip the teacher a piece of paper with the question, or ask the teacher before class to cover the topic with the entire class 
    • To help the students retain information from the daily lesson, students are encouraged to write a brief sentence or two in their notebook summarizing the topics learned during the daily lesson.