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Academic Physical Science Physics Assignments

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    1. PDFComputer Shortcuts
    2. PDFConversion Table
    3. PDFEquation Sheet
    4. PDFCommon Variable Representation Chart
    5. PDFGraph Paper
    6. PDFPaper Protractor
    7. Conversion Table
    1. pptx Chapter 1: The Nature of Science
    2. pptx Chapter 16: Solids, Liquids, and Gases
    3. pptx Chapter 15: Classification of Matter
    4. pptx Element Symbols
    5. pptx Chapter 17: Properties of Atoms and the Periodic Table
    6. pptx Chapter 19: Elements and Their Properties
    7. pptx Chapter 20: Chemical Bonds
    8. pptx Chapter 21: Chemical Reactions
    9. pptx Chapter 22: Solutions
    10. pptx Chapter 23: Acids, Bases, and Salts
    11. pptx Chapter 18: Radioactivity
    12. pptx Chapter 2: Motion
    13. pptx Chapter 3: Forces
    14. pptx Chapter 4 & 6: Energy and Thermal Energy
    15. pptx Chapter 5: Work and Machines
    16. pptx Chapter 7: Electricity
    17. pptx Chapter 8: Magnetism
    1. Not Yet Released
    1. PDFPhase Change Lab
    2. PDFPhase Change Lab Report Outline
    3. PDFPhase Change Lab Report EXAMPLE
    P6 = Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

    This phrase can be used for many things in our lives, but lets apply it to studying. Lets get SMARTer

    To start off you need a vision. A vision is an idea of what you see your self doing in the class. For example, you may see yourself passing the course, or maybe getting a 'B', or maybe making a grade to make it into the National Honor Society, or maybe even getting an 'A'. Whatever your vision is write it down, post it somewhere that you will look at daily and work towards it.

    How can you reach your vision?
            Set some SMART Goals for yourself. These goals will be the small steps you take to reach your vision.your goals should be:

                            Specific- Who? What? Where?
                            Measurable- How will the goal be measured? Practice Test? Quiz? Homework? Completeness? Accuracy? 
                            Attainable- Is the goal realistic, yet challenging?
                            Relevant- Is the goal consistent with other goals established and fits with your immediate and long-range vision?
                            Timely- Is it trackable and allows for monitoring of progress? Will it get you you to the level you want to be at in time?

    Working towards these goals daily will help make your vision come true.

            I have a vision of getting an 80 in the class. Therefore I will do my homework every night and study two days before every test. I will measure how I am doing by checking my homework every day for correctness and evaluating myself with the practice test. I earned an 84 in my last class so an 80 in this one should be attainable. This goal is relevant because if I want to advance to higher level classes I should plan on at least getting an 80 in this class. If  I follow the plan above, I will reach this goal before my tests. By doing this I will succeed at my test and therefore succeed at my class.

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